The Chemours Company


What is Chemours?

On July 1st of 2015 DuPont officially separated its chemical business into a separate company: The Chemours Company. At Intech Services, we think it is important to understand the spin-off and its effect on the DuPont, Chemours, and Teflon™ brands, and how each entity is now organized with respect to DuPont Performance Chemicals, Chemours Fluoroproducts, Chemours Titanium Technologies, and Chemours Chemical Solutions.

The Chemours Company, or Chemours, as it is commonly referred to, is now the leading producer of titanium technologies, fluoroproducts, and safe chemical solutions in the world. “Chemours” is pronounced “kem – ORS”. The specific product lines, such as Teflon™, will continue under the same brand names.

How Does This Affect You?

We believe the industrial coatings market is enhanced by the new organization, as The Chemours Company is now better aligned with its customers and product lines to bring technological innovations to market much more rapidly. Intech Services continues to work closely with The Chemours Company to understand and assist the dramatic change in the fluoropolymer marketplace, and bring our industrial coaters the information they need about PFA, PTFE, ETFE, and FEP coatings.

The Chemours Company now owns all rights and patents for DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings and DuPont Teflon. The spinoff allows DuPont to streamline operations and frees the chemical industry to flourish within an independent company. Dubbing itself as the “200-year-old startup” The Chemours Company takes the knowledge of engineered fluoropolymer coatings and fuses it with the fresh insight and energy of a small startup. The Chemours Company and Intech Services will continue to provide the same excellent technical service that Teflon™ customers are accustomed to receiving. Intech and The Chemours Company are excited to explore and develop new ways and areas for Teflon™ to improve the world.

Chemours and Intech

You may be familiar with Intech Services as the leading distributor of fluoropolymer products and industrial coating supplies. Intech Services originally partnered with DuPont as the sole distributor of DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings in North America and Canada over 20 years ago. As of July 1st, 2015, Intech Services will continue to proudly serve within the same capacity with The Chemours Company. Click here for more information on how to buy Teflon™ coatings from Intech, browse our comprehensive industrial coatings marketplace, featuring masking products, hooks and racks, spray equipment, coating safety products, and workshop supplies.

Teflon™ is a fluoropolymer coating that has gained widespread popularity for its nonstick properties and usefulness across a number of areas in various industries. Discovered by accident in 1938 by Roy Plunkett in DuPont’s Jackson Laboratory while attempting to fabricate a new chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant, Plunkett invented a substance that held very different properties, such as heat resistance, nonstick, and chemical inertia, than he had intended. The nonstick substance became known as Teflon™. Teflon™ gained popularity across a range of industries including as a nonstick coating on pots and pans as well as within the oil and gas industry for its non-corrosive properties to name a few. See our FAQ for Teflon™ properties and technical details.

The chemistry for what’s next starts now.

A letter from Mark Vergnano regarding the official transition from the DuPont company to The Chemours Company as of July 1, 2015.


We are Chemours. While you’ve probably heard a bit about us in the last few months as we separated from DuPont, we would like for you to hear directly from our President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Vergnano. We invite you to take a moment of your day to watch this video in which Mark shares his thoughts about our commitment to you, our customers.

In short, we’ve got the heart of a startup and the deep experience and reliability of a 200-year-old powerhouse. You probably already know many of our products and brands, like Teflon™, Opteon®, Ti-Pure®, and Virkon®. Now, we’ve refocused on chemistry – and only chemistry – in order to be more nimble, responsive, and more customer-centered. We’re here to help you thrive and profit. But it’s best to hear it directly from the big boss. We look forward to telling you more about The Chemours Company in the coming days. Meanwhile, we’ll be busy putting Living Chemistry into action, making everyday things better and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

To new beginnings and new possibilities,

The Chemours leadership team.