Tefzel® Thick Film ETFE Coatings

A superior high build and complete powder ETFE system that can achieve film builds of up to 80 - 100 mils dry film thickness (DFT).


Product Overview

A new addition to the Teflon™ ETFE family of coatings was recently released which expanded the Teflon™ industrial coating offerings to include a clear, super high build fluoropolymer coating product, 532-6410. Included with this release was the addition of a green powder primer, 532-6405, used strictly with ETFE mid and topcoats. The combination of these two products creates a complete powder system for the ETFE coating line that can achieve film builds of up to 80 - 100 mils dry film thickness (DFT), which is approximately three times greater than any of our traditional ETFE offerings.

This thick film ETFE coating allows for thicker applications from a per coat and overall dry film thickness perspective. The application technique involves a repeatable spray and bake procedure until desired film thickness is achieved. The resulting finish is an extremely tough, seamless, pinhole-free coating that is perfect for harsh chemical environments that do not exceed 302° F. Additionally, because of the relative chemical inertness of ETFE, this product is ideal for scenarios that require product purity.

Performance & Properties

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance and Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Good Nonstick or release
  • Low Friction
  • Superior Adhesion as the primer doubles the coating system's bond strength
  • Chemical Inertness for product purity

Features & Benefits

  • "Thicker Quicker": these coatings apply well and build quickly; one customer achieved 100 mils
  • Powder primer: provides great substrate and inter-coat adhesion
  • Variety of applications: Used for high build or thin film applications
  • Substrate options: stainless steel, aluminum, except high copper containing alloys
  • Continuous operating temperature: 302° F



Comparison of Tefzel® ETFE and ECTFE Fluoropolymer Resins

Electrical Properties

Both are good electrical insulators. They have similar nominal values for:

    • Low Dielectric Constant
    • High Dielectric Strength
    • Low Dissipation Factors over a wide range of frequencies
    • High Volume and Surface Resistivities
Thermal Properties

Both have high use temperatures. They have similar nominal values for:

      • Maximum Service Temperature 302º F (150º C)
      • Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
      • Deflection Temperature
      • Thermal Conductivity
ETFE Thermal Advantages
        • Higher Melting Point: The melting point of ETFE, 500º F (260º C) is higher than ECTFE, 473º F (245º C). ETFE thus provides a higher margin of safety in the event of an accident (for example, a "runaway" chemical reaction that could develop temperatures much higher than normal).
        • Higher Thermal Stability
        • Lower Low Temperature Embrittlement

ETFE is More Thermally Stable than ECTFE.

Chemical Properties

ETFE is affected by strong oxidizing acids, strong organic bases, and sulfonic acids at elevated temperatures.

ECTFE is affected by acids, bases, and halogens at elevated temperatures; attacked by amines, esters, and ketones; and plasticized by halogenated solvents.

ETFE is More Chemically Resistant than Halar (ECTFE)... In Virtually All Classes of Compounds at Higher Temperatures.


ETFE and ECTFE polymers are both used commercially as the base resins for thick-film coatings used in the Chemical Processing industry. ETFE has better chemical resistance and higher temperature resistance, as determined empirically and supported by a sound basis in chemical principles. These primary advantages not only provide an extra margin of performance in chemical service, but also contribute to a more reliable application process and improved quality of the final coating.


Tefzel® ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) is a thermoplastic copolymer derived from the polymerization of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene monomers.

Application Process

Without pre-baking, apply primer and initial topcoat electrostatically. Cure at 580° F for 30 minutes. Hot-flock process may be used for additional film build. See Fact Sheets for application information.


End Uses

  • Chemical tanks
  • Reactors
  • Valves

Product Codes

  • Liquid Primer | 699N-129 | Black
  • Powder Primer | 532-6405 | Green
  • High-Build Powder Topcoat | 532-6410 | Clear

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Purchasing Information

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Product Availablity

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