Tefzel® is Back and Better Than Ever


Tefzel® coatings have always been an effective product line but now includes a powder primer and new high build clear coat. Intech Services believes that these additions propel Tefzel® or ETFE coatings to the forefront of the coating industry.

Remember Tefzel®? Not only is it back, according to Intech Services, it is better than ever. Contrary to some beliefs, the Tefzel® product line was never discontinued, just referred to as ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) Teflon®. In 2013, DuPont expanded the product line by developing a powder primer (532-6405) and a new high build clear topcoat (532-6410) to complement the existing Tefzel® products. The new high build product can be applied to film builds of 80-100 mils, depending upon part geometry. Tefzel® is a rugged thermoplastic with an outstanding balance of properties. When compared against the competition, Tefzel® provides several thermal advantages, such as: better chemical resistance at higher operating temperatures, a higher melting point which provides improved thermal stability, and lessened low temperature embrittlement. In addition to these qualities, Tefzel® is extremely tough and electrically insulative with superior substrate adhesion. The characteristics of Tefzel® make the coating an ideal candidate in markets such as chemical processing, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and food processing.

So if a specification requires Tefzel®, feel confident that the product is available with new formulations that now allow for more options. When selecting a coating that will provide superior chemical resistance and durability, Tefzel® is the product that coaters and specifiers have depended upon for decades. In the coating marketplace, there are many solutions to choose from, but Tefzel® is the name to trust with DuPont’s continued commitment to developing the best products in the market.

Intech Services is the sole distributor of DuPont™ Teflon® Industrial coatings. TEFZEL®/ETFE coatings are in stock and ready to ship next day. Ordering and technical help is available online, by phone, or by email.