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Teflon™ PFA Topcoats

Maximum continuous service temperature of 500° F with excellent chemical resistance and superior release.

Teflon PFA CoatingsProduct Overview

Teflon™ PFA topcoats offer high temperature resistance, excellent release, and durability, with the ability to uniformly coat various complex shapes with thick or thin films. These PFA topcoats are the most diverse fluoropolymer product from The Chemours Company, offering a wide range of capabilities with a robust line of powder and water-based options. The majority of Teflon™ PFA topcoats are FDA approved.

Performance & Properties

  • Superior Release
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Good Abrasion Resistance

 Properties of Teflon PFA Coatings: NonstickProperties of Teflon PFA Coatings: Chemical ResistanceProperties of Teflon PFA Coatings: Thermal Stability

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of application: thicker application allows for less labor
  • Substrate: aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel
  • Achieve thick film build: up to 40 mil maximum dry film thickness (DFT)
  • Available in liquid and powder form
  • Liquid coating is water-based for easy cleaning

Teflon™ PFA Topcoats
Product Description Color FDA Avg. Particle (microns) Max DFT (mils) Coverage Carrier
532G-5010 Standard Grade Clear Yes 29 - 41 10 89 Powder
532G-7000 Standard Grade Sparkling Clear Yes 29 - 41 10 89 Powder
532G-5011 Standard Grade - Fine Clear Yes 15 - 25 5 89 Powder
MJ-501 High Build Tan No 29 - 41 25 90 Powder
532G-5310 Stress Crack Resistant Clear Yes 29 - 41 10 90 Powder
532G-7410 Stress Crack Resistant Clear Yes 29 - 41 10 89 Powder
532G-13032 Abrasion Resistant Gray Yes 29 - 41 6 86 Powder
532G-13054 Permeation Resistant Ruby Red No 30 - 80 25 88 Powder
858G-917 Permeation Resistant Ruby Red No N/A 40 590 Water
858G-210 Topcoat Clear Yes N/A 3 365 Water

Application Process

Surface is grit blasted with aluminum oxide, the coating is sprayed on, and is cured at 650º F for 15 minutes. Minimum cure of 350º F can be performed with additional time. See Fact Sheets for application information.

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Purchasing Information

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Product Availablity

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