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Teflon™ FEP Coatings

Teflon™ FEP coatings provide excellent chemical resistance, superior electrical properties, and high service temperatures of up to 400° F.

Teflon FEP CoatingsProduct Overview

Teflon™ FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer) coatings provide outstanding low-temperature toughness and unique flame resistance. Maximum use temperature is 400° F. FEP nonstick coatings melt and flow during baking to provide nonporous films, which makes them a natural choice for applications that require chemical resistance, release, and abrasion resistance. In addition to low friction, FEP coatings have excellent nonstick properties. FEP is available in water-based liquid and powder forms.

Performance & Properties

  • Excellent Nonstick
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • High/Low Temperature Stability

 Properties of Teflon FEP Coatings: NonstickProperties of Teflon FEP Coatings: Chemical ResistanceProperties of Teflon FEP Coatings: Thermal Stability

Features & Benefits

  • Powder and water-based
  • Typically a primer and topcoat system
  • Typical film thickness is 1.0 - 10 mils
  • Maximum in use temperature of 400° F
  • Nonporous film


Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene: melt-flowable copolymer of TFE and Hexafluoropropylene

Teflon™ FEP Coatings
Product Description Color FDA DFT (mils) Coverage Carrier
856G-300 Standard Grade Clear Yes 2 686 Water
856G-304 Standard Grade Green No 2 655 Water
532G-8110 Standard Grade Clear Yes 5 89 Powder
532G-8410 High Molecular Weight Clear Yes 10 89 Powder


Application Process

Applied over approved primers. Spray coating over grit blasted and primed substrates. Flexible cure schedules from 575° F - 700° F can be achieved by adjusting time. Products can be applied in multiple coats. See Fact Sheets for application information.

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Purchasing Information

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Product Availablity

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