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Teflon™ FDA Coatings

Premiere coatings that meet FDA requirements for food contact.

Product Overview

fda-small-white.pngTeflon™ coatings that meet FDA requirements for food contact offer a wide variety of necessary characteristics such as high temperature resistance, release, lubricity and durability. These coatings can be of use for a multitude of applications such as baking molds, food production, and food assembly lines. Teflon FDA coatings are available in water and solvent based liquid formulations as well as powder.

Teflon™ FDA Coatings
Product Description Color Chemistry Max DFT (mils) Coverage (ft²/mil) Carrier
420G-703 PFA/FEP primer Black NA 0.6 186 Solvent
857G-030/040/100 PTFE/PFA/FEP primer Black NA 0.3 - 0.6 189 - 292 Water
699N-129 ETFE primer Black NA 0.5 339 Water
532G-42331 PFA/FEP primer Black NA 1.5 88.8 Powder
959G-203 PFA/FEP one coat/primer Black FEP/PAI 2.5/0.5 319 Solvent
959G-205 PFA/FEP one coat/primer Brown FEP/PAI 2.5/0.5 276 Solvent
420G-104/129/109 One coat Black, Sparkling Black, Gray PTFE/PES 0.8 232 Solvent
958G-203 One coat Black FEP/PAI 2.5 319 Solvent
852G-201 Standard grade Clear PTFE 3 484 Water
856G-200 Standard grade Clear FEP 2 686 Water
532G-8110 Standard grade Clear FEP 6 89 Powder
532G-5010 Standard grade Clear PFA 10 89 Powder
532G-7000 Standard grade Sparkling Clear PFA 10 89 Powder
532G-5011 Standard grade - fine Clear PFA 5 89 Powder
532G-5310 Stress crack resistant Clear PFA 10 90 Powder
532G-7410 Stress crack resistant Clear PFA 10 89 Powder
532G-13032 Abrasion resistant Gray PFA 6 86 Powder
858G-210 Topcoat Clear PFA 3 365 Water
532G-6200 Ultra-smooth White ETFE 8 110 Powder
532G-6310 High build Clear ETFE 40 110 Powder
532G-6314 High build Green ETFE 40 110 Powder

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