Teflon™ Coatings in the Oil & Gas Industry

Teflon coatings in the Oil and Gas industry


Recently released Teflon™ products have significantly higher UV protection, adding to the product's already impressive versatility. One industry benefitting from this improvement is the oil and gas industry. With so many elements of the oil and gas industry exposed to constant sunlight, UV protection is one of the industry's primary concerns. Now that Teflon can protect against extended UV exposure, it can bring its traditional nonstick, anti-galling, and corrosion resistant properties to a critical industry.


Common Teflon™ Coatings

857G (Blue Teflon) is the most commonly used PTFE coating in the Oil and Gas industry
Ruby Red is popular thanks to its extremely high chemical and corrosion resistance
Important Teflon™ Properties

High corrosion resistance
High chemical resistance
Anti-galling properties
Low coefficient of friction
UV protection
Specs & Relevant Testing

Teflon coatings in the Oil and Gas industry experience extensive testing for their resistance to salt spray. Read more here.

Kesternich DIN 50018
30 plus cycle w/ no change


Example End Use
Teflon coatings in the Oil and Gas industry


Teflon™ End Uses
Fastener coating (Particularly 857G one coats)
Oil well tooling
Subsea equipment
Well heads
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