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Teflon App

app listingIntech is proud to present the "MyTeflonCoating" mobile App! This free mobile App is created specifically for the fluoropolymer coating community featuring the leading coating material - Teflon Industrial Coatings.

The App contains a wealth of valuable product and technical information literally at your fingertips.

app-layout.jpgThere are three key elements on the MyTeflonCoatings App.

In the "Products" area, users will find a complete listing of all general industrial products available in North America, along with detailed product information such as color, carrier, film thickness, operating temperature, cure temperature, film build, and primary performance properties. Users can filter by several attributes to get a list of products that meet specific requirements.

The "Calculator" function is a great way for users to estimate the amount of coating needed for a job based on the coating type, part size, spray efficiency, and desired film thickness.

The "News" section is a great way to stay connected with the latest in the world of Teflon™ industrial coatings with content across a variety of product, technical, application, and market topics.