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steelman ovenFor over 50 years Steelman Industries, Inc has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial process ovens. Steelman manufactures custom ovens specifically designed for curing Teflon coatings. With unlimited dimensions Steelman Ovens can produce the exact oven to fit your production needs. Steelman offers a variety of conveyor, burn off, and standard batch ovens to enable you to increase efficiencies and yields on your Teflon coating work.

Steelman Ovens continue to be known for their high quality standards and use only the finest components when constructing ovens. This quality workmanship is why Intech Services decided to partner with Steelman on all of their Teflon curing ovens. Intech services and Steelman worked together to create the perfect Teflon curing oven. All ovens are assembled, wired, and fully tested at their facility prior to shipment. This ensures a smooth installation at your facility. Steelman also offers a variety of startup packages, critical spares, and training.

If you’re looking to expand your curing capacity call Intech Services, 302-366-8530, to have a technician provide you with a custom oven quote.

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Teflon Curing Oven:

  • Maximum temperature 500F / 850F
  • Customizable airflow to allow air to evenly pass over your work in process
  • Floor and cart customization to enable efficient material loading
  • Steel Constructed floor with structural enhancements to prevent high temperature warping
  • Available in three phase power when only single phase power is available, gas heat options are also available
  • Digital set point controllers with curing scheduled programing are options on all of our ovens
  • Completely customizable dimensions are available to meet your shop floor layout
  • Additional options include double doors at both ends and customizable cart configurations

Choosing an oven to maximize efficiency and increase yields on curing coatings is a significant investment. Let Intech Services help you navigate how to create the perfect oven for your job shop. Call us at 302-366-8530 to create the perfect oven for all of your Teflon curing work.