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Ducted Fume Hoods

Labconco Fiberglass 30 fume hood, explosion-proof, 1/4 HP blower, no lamp, 115V 

Small fume hoods with big benefits: these 30-inch fiberglass fume hoods save space while still offering many of the features and benefits of the larger hoods.

Use these efficient hoods for applications requiring small work space and good fume removal.

One-piece fiberglass interior gives this hood outstanding chemical- and fire-resistance. Pre-set baffle and by-pass airflow design assure consistent ventilation regardless of sash position. The steel-constructed exterior is glacier white epoxy-coated. Hoods feature a vertical-rising tempered glass safety sash with epoxy-coated aluminum handle.

Available with or without a built-in blower, in standard or spark-proof configurations. Hoods requires a work surface—order separately.

What’s included: All models are shipped fully assembled. Hard-wired installations.

Available in 30 days.