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Color Comparison Device

These color devices are ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand and are completely portable. These easy-to-use devices compare a target color to an unlimited number of sample colors, and then display a percent difference to the user. Colors are read by pressing the tip of the device against 7 mm of the surface of the colored material to be read. The results of the color measurement are displayed on the LCD screen. The three color zones measured are red, green, and blue. You can use this information to establish if two colors match, how close they are, or to determine the closest possible color match in a given set of colors.

Meter 59712-01 calculates the differences between the target and sample with three separate percent difference calculations of each color zone, while meter 59712-00 shows the percent difference expressed in terms of one calculation of percent difference. Meter 59712-02 uses the measuring technology of 59712-01 and is also fitted with a built-in mini USB connection and software, which makes CIELAB comparisons. This data can be downloaded to Access or Excel. The target color is stored and virtually unlimited sample colors are measured.

  • Economical and portable device differentiates between over 16,000,000 colors
  • Quickly determine a color match or determine if a color is within specification.
  • Eliminate human error and ambient lighting affects while making color comparisons. 

What's included: calibration cap, plastic cap, rubber tip, rubber cup, black light blocking tile, 6-volt J-cell battery, and a 3-month replacement warranty. Meter 59712-02 also includes USB cable, software, and Munsell color chart.


Percent difference: Expressed in terms of one calculation
Spectral range:  400-700 nm
Measuring area:  7 mm
Display:  4 lines with 12 characters per line
Light source:  White LED
Software included:  Not included
Dimensions: 6 3/4"L x 2"W x 2 1/2"H
Power:  One J-cell battery (included)


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