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Paint Roller for Teflon™ Coatings

Product Features

  • Gloss white, high quality reinforced fiberglass base with wide footprint for stability when in operation.
  • Made for industrial use.
  • Solid steel bars, cast in urethane and precision ground.
  • 120 V, 60 Htz.
  • Variable speed to accommodate variety of container sizes.
  • Runs different size barrels at the same time.
  • System has been developed specifically for rolling Industrial Teflon™ Finishes stored in 1 gallon cans & jugs and 5 gallon plastic pails
  • System has been developed specifically for rolling Industrial Teflon™ Finishes
  • One year warranty on all parts and labor.
  • All parts are line replaceable.
  • 36” wide x 16” deep x 14” high
  • 5” between bars
  • Roller Bars are a total of 25” long (22” of rolling surface)

Roller II New Features include:

  • Ability to set speed for the exact RPM specified by the manufacturer.
  • Ability to set the rolling time for anytime up to an hour and after the time has expired, the roller will turn off.
  • In addition, for other coating materials, the roller has an “over ride switch” allowing you to roll for any length of time until it’s turned off manually.

Why roll Teflon™ Coatings?

It is recommended that Teflon™ coatings be mixed before first use, in the container in which it was delivered and every 30 days after that. This will contribute to consistent quality in application throughout the product’s shelf life. Proper mixing should be accomplished on a roller system at approximately 30 RPM for 30 minutes.

The use of impeller type mixers could have a “sheer” affect on the fluoropolymers in the liquid, adversely impacting the quality of the coating. Automated shakers and tumblers are not recommended, as their motion is too aggressive and can cause the liquid to froth and potentially damage the coating material. Our roller has been custom designed to properly roll your material every time!