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Viewed as one of the top machines for reliability, flexibility, and quality, the Roland® CAMM-1 GX-24 plotter/cutter sits on your desk or table. The USB output is attached to your computer. The GX-24 is compatible with most CAD programs and drawing software. You just have to install the Roland printer driver and set the printer output from your CAD or drawing program to plot the GX-24. Feed high temperature, release-backed liner, green polyester, or polyimide polyester film into the GX-24, set the cut parameters, plot out the die cut profiles, and print. 


  • Blade force can be adjusted by a slide control
  • Store up to 8 settings of regularly used blade and media combinations for quick printing
  • Two sets of guidelines ensure precise media alignment
  • Front panel knife guide allows easy sheet trimming and removal of media
  • Test cut function allows you to verify the machine's down force before you begin your job
  • Easy-to-attach sheet roller base helps ensure proper media feeding
  • Convenient tray on back of the GX-24 stores blades and blade holders