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Z Bar Heavy Hooks

Revolutionary Hooks for the Revolutionary Hanging System. Patented design for the Z-BAR Crossbar system. Our stock Z-HOOKS are manufactured from hard drawn spring steel and offer unparalleled versatility for maximizing your line density and product output. Z-HOOKS are lower in cost than any other replaceable hook and crossbar system. We offer over 150 sizes and styles in stock.

Z-Bar-Heavy Hooks are designed for use in the Z-BAR-Heavy Crossbar. Hooks are stocked in 0.076", 0.105", 0.120" and 0.150" wire diameters, lengths from 4" to 10" (measured from bottom of Z-Bar-Hv) and in "V" shape bottom or a "C" shape bottom styles. Hooks available in perpendicular, 90 and 45 degrees styles. Custom sizes and configurations can be made available within 5 days.

Available Type of Hooks for the Z-Bar Heavy include V-Hooks, C-Hooks, Jam Hooks, and Out Hooks.