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Cartridge Batch Powder Booths

Col-Met Cartridge Batch Powder Booths feature an open front design and are ideal for small to mid-size powder applications. To ensure cartridge filters remain clean, this booth is built with a purge control feature, which assures the safe operation of the coatings enclosure by maintaining the airflow at design levels. During operation, powder accumulates on the cartridge filters, and as the cartridge filters load, airflow decreases and negative pressure rises within the air handler. A timer activates a system of air purging valves that clear the cartridge filters of accumulated powder to ensure maximum filter life.

Booth Features

  • Heavy Duty Construction: Panels are constructed from 18-gauge, prime quality galvanized steel, flanged and precision punched on 6” centers for maximum rigidity. Panels are fastened with 5/16-inch bolts with self-locking nuts and are to be sealed with the provided caulk following assembly.
  • Collector Module: Recirculates clean, filtered air into the booth and includes high quality primary filter and final filter modules.
  • Factory-assembled, powder coated white mild steel construction with removable powder drawer.
  • Industry-Leading Lighting: Lighted booths get bright, full booth illumination from four-tube, 48" long, 32-watt, fluorescent light fixtures. Col-Met light fixtures are ETL listed (Class 1 Division 2) and are supplied with multi voltage ballasts to accept any voltage between 120V and 277V power. Bulbs are included.
  • Control Equipment: Includes NEMA 12 UL and ETL listed control panel mounted to the side of the collector module, factory wired and tested. Automatic or manual cartridge filter pulse down mode. Door mounted magnehelic gauge for cartridge filter monitoring. Variable frequency drive (VFD) to control fan speed. Pressure switches to monitor final filter pressure and warn/shutdown if pressure exceeds set point.
  • Variable Frequency Controlled Fan (VFD): Connected to the fan motor, this allows for the fan to turn at any speed so that optimum airflow within the booth can be achieved. The VFD can also save on operating costs due to the reduced amp load on the motor, and the ability to slowly ramp the motor up to speed.
  • Quality Fans and Motors: Spark-proof construction plug type fan
  • Air Solenoid Valve: Interlocked to the exhaust fan and air supply for the spray application equipment.
  • Meets Quality Performance Standards: Spray booths manufactured by Col-Met meet and/or exceed all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Sizes & Specifications

Model Number Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions Total CFM
Width Height Length Width Height Length
RPB-08-07-7.5-00-S 7'-0" 8'-0" 7'-6" 8'-4" 9'-4" 13'-8" 6,000 @3" SP
RPB-08-08-7.5-00-S 8'-0" 8'-0" 7'-6" 8'-4" 9'-4" 13'-8" 6,000 @3" SP
RPB-08-10-7.5-00-S 8'-0" 10'-0" 7'-6" 8'-4" 10'-2" 13'-8" 8,000 @3" SP
RPB-10-07-7.5-00-S 10'-0" 7'-0" 7'-6" 10'-4" 9'-4" 13'-8" 7,000 @3" SP
RPB-10-08-7.5A-00-S 10'-0" 8'-0" 7'-6" 10'-4" 9'-4" 13'-8" 8,000 @3" SP
RPB-08-10-7.5B-00-S 10'-0" 8'-0" 7'-6" 10'-4" 9'-4" 13'-7" 8,000 @3" SP
RPB-10-10-7.5-00-S 10'-0" 10'-0" 7'-6" 10'-4" 10'-2" 13'-7" 10,000 @3" SP
RPB-12-07-7.5A-00-S 12'-0" 7'-0" 7'-6" 12'-4" 9'-4" 13'-8" 8,000 @3" SP
RPB-12-07-7.5B-00-S 12'-0" 7'-0" 7'-6" 12'-4" 9'-4" 13'-7" 8,000 @3" SP
RPB-12-08-7.5-00-S 12'-0" 8'-0" 7'-6" 12'-4" 9'-4" 13'-7" 10,000 @3" SP
RPB-12-10-7.5-00-S 12'-0" 10'-0" 7'-6" 12'-4" 10'-2" 13'-7" 12,000 @3" SP


If you need help selecting a powder booth, or if you need a custom-made solution for your shop, call 302-366-8530 or email us for help.