Shop Evaluation

Intech's new shop evaluation will help improve your operational efficiency and product finish quality.

Program Overview


As the sole distributor to the U.S. and Canada for Teflon™ industrial coatings, Intech Services has over 20 years of experience with fluoropolymer finishes and the application process. During this on-site shop evaluation, Intech's trained staff will observe and identify quality improvements in coating techniques, shop efficiency, and effectiveness of the equipment used in your process. This program is designed to boost operational efficiency and overall product finish quality, while updating you on the latest advancements in coating application techniques and quality assurance. Everyone in your company from management to spray technician will benefit from the evaluation and information without having to shut down production or send employees out of the shop for the day.

Shop Evaluation Package


  • A focused evaluation of your shop process from an Intech employee.
  • A detailed report of the observations and recommendations within 48 hours of the on-site visit.

I³ On-site Training:

We recommend that you combine your shop evaluation with some I³ On-site Training. The I³ On-site Training program allows you to tailor our I³ workshops to meet your training needs for your employees. Select from a variety of presentations from our I³ workshops and we can arrange that agenda to fit within your scheduled Shop Evaluation. The most popular presentation selections are the Product Line Overview, Troubleshooting, and Quality Assurance. Click here to see all of the course options.


Starting at $1,000 (plus travel and lodging expenses, which could vary depending on location and I³ Training course costs).

Shop Processes Evaluated

Material Receipt and Storage: Intech Services has taken numerous precautions to ensure that the products received at your facility are of the highest quality. Upon receipt at your facility, it is extremely important that you provide appropriate storage and care of these materials.

Sustrate Pre-treatment and Preparation: Proper pre-treatment and preparation of your substrate is critical to the successful application of any Teflon™ fluoropolymer coating. The pre-treatment phase accomplishes two things: it cleans the substrate of any residual oils or residue and increases the surface area, so that the coating will be anchored better to the substrate.

Liquid Spray Gun Setup and Maintenance: Prior to spraying, Chemours recommends that their liquid coatings be rolled at 30 rpm for 30 minutes. For applying coatings, gravity feed and siphon feed guns can be used, and the choice is usually determined by the degree of flexibility required in the coating process.

Powder Spray Application Process: Teflon™ powders are most commonly applied using the electrostatic spray process where individual particles are charged as they exit the spray gun. The charged particles attract to the substrate and can even wrap around the substrate and adhere to the back of the part.

Spray Booth: Whether you are spraying powders or liquids, proper spray booth setup and maintenance is essential for effective coating. The purpose of a spray booth is to create a clean and safe environment for applicators to spray Teflon™ fluoropolymer coatings. It is important that the booth is strategically placed in the coating area for cleanliness and efficiency.

Sprayer Evaluation: No mater what their level of experience, all spray operators need some training to reinforce or, in some cases, introduce good habits. Over the course of time, sprayers can develop bad habits due to time pressures, laziness, or just trying to appear a coating expert. A productive, effective sprayer can make or break your operation, but being effective is not just about how the material is applied. It also encompasses adherence to quality and safety measures and attention to proper equipment maintenance.

Ovens and Curing Process: In order to effectively apply fluoropolymer coatings, an industrial oven that ventilates to the outside is required. While gas or electric oven are most frequently used, infrared ovens - though expensive - can also be effective. Being able to cure effectively goes beyond just setting the temperature of your oven. The racking of parts and orientation in the oven in relation to airflow can be extremely important for effective curing, too.

Quality Assurance and Testing: Fluoropolymer coatings are high performance coatings that require stringent quality measures to ensure that they have been applied, cured, and tested appropriately. Expert coating applicators make quality assurance measures part of their routine, to validate their processes and deliver accurately handled and consistently coated parts to their customers. A commitment to doing whatever it takes to ensure quality assurance is what separates superior applicators from everyone else.

Getting Started

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