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Mighty Hook Racks


Every finishing job requires engineering and design expertise. It also requires a thorough understanding of the part to be finished and the finishing line. Mighty Hook is your premium racking and hanging manufacturer and supplier. In addition to our standard hooks and racks available to simplify your ordering process, Mighty Hook can also provide customized solutions when appropriate. When you are looking for greater density for more profitability, you need to look to Mighty Hook for everything below the conveyor.

Powder Peg Rack

Mighty Hook's Powder Peg Rack maximizes coating line productivity, minimizes stoppage for switching, and provides the ultimate flexibility for coating multiple products. The rack's lightweight, quick crossbar changes, and easy replacement components allow you to easily load and unload a variety of parts quickly, maximizing productivity while reducing time and labor.

Mighty Mono

These tree racks have a vertical stem constructed of 3 gauge (0.250") diameter wire, with 8 gauge (0.150") diameter cross arms. Racks with 10" W arms are in stock for immediate delivery. BR style racks include the brace for additional strength and a minimized hook mark. Other optional arm styles can be purchased by special order.

Mighty Multi

Able to hold up to 42 parts, this rack also folds flat for easy storage or burn-off. This unit features staggered hooks to allow for greater part density without the parts bumping together. Extra wires can be added to facilitate double hanging. Custom designs are available.


Crossbars from Mighty Hook keep your project in line and on task. You can order bars of standard sizes or customize the spacing and length of most bar types. With 4 crossbar types, the PP-X Bar, TSR Crossbar, Z Bar Heavy, and Z Bar Light, you'll find what you’re looking for.