Metal Coating & Finishing

The Market

The metal coating industry consists of about 6,000 companies with an estimated annual revenue of $19 billion. Major sub-segments include engraving and coating (50%); electroplating, galvanizing, and anodizing (30%); and heat treatment (20%). Major customers for these fabricators are the automotive, aerospace, building construction, petrochemical processing, and utility markets. While most companies are small and compete within a focused niche close to their geographic location, there are some major players such as Tower Automotive, Precoat Metals, and North American Galvanizing and Coating. 

Critical Coating Issues

Fixturing in these industries can be expensive, and the cleaning process is also expensive and/or hazardous to the environment. The need for industry participants to find more efficient ways to clean fixtures represents a market opportunity for coating companies. In addition, use of Teflon™ offers an alternative to current processes such as burn-off (e-coat) and high pressure water washing (wet paint).

Key Benefits of Teflon™ Industrial Coatings

  • Release
  • Ease of cleaning

Typical Applications

  • Grates
  • Car carriers
  • E-coat racks

Information Resources

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Related Market Research Codes

SIC Codes: 3471, 3479

Related NAICS Codes: 332813, 332812