Introducing Intech Services' Shop Evaluation for the Industrial Coating Shop


Intech Services is proud to announce a new on-site industrial coating Shop Evaluation program designed to boost operational efficiency, improve final finish quality and includes a customized business report post-evaluation.

Intech Services is proud to announce a new industrial coating Shop Evaluation program. As the sole US and Canadian distributor for DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings, Intech has over 20 years of experience with fluoropolymer finishes and application processes. This program is a customized, on-site shop evaluation bringing cutting edge, state of the art research, information, and industry recommendations. During the evaluation, Intech will observe and identify quality improvements in coating techniques, shop efficiency, and effectiveness of the equipment used in shop processes. Having an experienced, fresh set of eyes assessing shop processes will allow for improvements, identify opportunities to enhance business practices, and create growth for an industrial coating shop. There is minimal business interruption and no shut down needed. An analysis with observations and recommendations on specific shop processes is completed, and a customized business report is produced post-evaluation. Everyone from management to spray technicians will benefit from this evaluation and information.

The shop evaluation program adds to Intech’s Information Institute, known as I³, which is training offered by Intech Services in the business of fluoropolymers. I³’s current offerings include the Product, Market, and Sales Strategies and VirtualPaint®, a liquid spray workshop. These workshops are offered once a year in various locations in the United States, as well as a customized on-site training option. To see more information about the Shop Evaluation program, visit Intech’s website or contact Chris Lord by email or 302-366-8530.