Intech Services' Key Findings on the New DuPont ETFE Coatings


Since DuPont released the new DuPont™ Teflon® ETFE coatings about 6 months ago, Intech Services and coating applicators have observed some helpful findings about these coatings. Findings show that the primers are superior to existing and competitive products, the topcoat applies and builds well, and the coating continues to be improved by process improvements in manufacturing.

At the end of 2012, DuPont introduced a new line of ETFE coating products. The new powder primer and topcoat system (532-6405 & 532-6410) are designed to provide application & processing improvements, while continuing to provide outstanding chemical resistance and durability. Intech has been working hard to increase the visibility and awareness of the benefits of the ETFE products. Since the release of these new ETFE coatings, there have been many observations & findings by Intech Services and coating applicators.

DuPont primers are superior to ECTFE primer. Both the liquid and powder primer (699G-129 & 532-6405) provide tenacious substrate and inter-coat adhesion. Many coating applicators have switched jobs to ETFE because of peeling issues with the ECTFE primer.

The topcoat applies very well. The 532-6410 really applies great – thick film builds per coat, as well as the ability to achieve very thick total film thickness. One customer achieved a thickness of over 100 mils! The new topcoat is great for thin film. Even though the coatings build well, they are also great for coatings less than 10 mils. In fact, coaters can eliminate a spray & bake step by using these new coatings.

The sales data is very helpful. The new product sales sheets are great to use with customers, engineers, and specifiers. The document describes the features & benefits of the ETFE product technology, as well as superiority to ECTFE. The application information remains in a separate Fact Sheet for coaters.

There have been processing improvements in the making of the new ETFE. Intech discovered that there were some large particles in the material. While these could be screened out prior to spray application, DuPont has added another screening step to the manufacturing process to alleviate this issue.

The traditional ETFE products are all still available and continue to have good purpose for certain end uses. The 532-6200 white remains still popular for dental & pharmaceutical applications.

Intech Services continues to seek out applications where ETFE provides the best solution for end uses such as centrifuge baskets, agitators, strainers where a chemical resistant and durable coating would be required. For more information regarding DuPont™ Teflon® ETFE coatings, please visit Intech Services’ website.