Intech Services Introduces the I³ Webinar Series


(Newark, DE April 24, 2017) - The Intech Information Institute, or I³, was created by Intech Services, Inc. to provide formal training and instruction on a wide variety of fluoropolymer coating related topics.

The I³ Webinar Series is intended to increase overall understanding of the Teflon™ coating product line, market dynamics, application, and growth drivers. Participants will gain practical information and valuable insights in an easily accessible, thirty-minute format. There is no cost to register, and everyone working in the coating industry and with Teflon coatings is welcome.

While Intech’s annual I³ event is an opportunity for networking and a great place for coaters and business owners alike to get in depth information on what makes Teflon coatings uniquely superior to other fluoropolymer options, Intech’s webinar series provides a similar experience virtually and at no cost to attendees.

Each webinar will be hosted by the associated segment leader from Intech Services. Addressing everything from a specific coating’s features and benefits as well as application techniques and preparation of surfaces, to critical elements of any industrial marketing plan, the monthly webinar series provides valuable information to people at all levels of a coating company. Chris Lord will present at 2PM EST on May 23rd to kick things off. He will cover Teflon coatings in the chemical processing industry. Intech Services’ website provides a breakdown of each scheduled webinar topic, summary, and presenter.

Intech Services is looking forward to sharing their knowledge and years of experience in the industrial coating segment to more companies and spreading the word about the best use of, innovations in, and application of Teflon coatings.

Intech Services, Inc. is the sole distributor of Teflon™ coatings in the US and Canada. Striving to be the complete resource for the industrial coater, Intech provides technical support for Teflon™ coatings product line. Fluoropolymers have a variety of families including PTFE, EFTE, FEP, and PFA nonstick coatings. Intech Services also provides inside sales and marketing to several complementary industrial coating companies in North America. Intech Services’ CoaterONE Ecommerce shop has coating supplies including spray guns, masking products, and gloves.