Intech Services Announces Launch of New Website


(Newark, DE) - The team at Intech Services is excited to announce the debut of their brand new website. The domain name remains, but now features an updated look and feel, improved user experience, and more visually attractive design.

Even in such a digital age, Intech Services remains the only supplier of fluoropolymer coatings to offer e-commerce. This is the 4th revision of their website as they continue to work to add functionality and value for users. Intech has addressed issues customers have encountered before, paying special attention to the site's checkout process. The online experience with Intech should now be smoother than it has ever been.

The new site also incorporates the Intech Insider blog, allowing customers to stay connected to what is happening at Intech and in the world of Teflon™ coatings. Expect more posts about new developments and major players in the industry, as well as good business practices or innovative ideas customers might benefit from.

Intech Services invites you to browse the site, where you can order online, follow the blog, contact the company directly, check out products, download Teflon™ coatings sell sheets, find SDS and fact sheets, and more. If there is feedback, they welcome it. It is the only way to know if they are accomplishing their goal of providing great customer service.


Intech Services, Inc. is the sole distributor of Teflon™ coatings in the US and Canada. Striving to be the complete resource for the industrial coater, Intech provides technical support for Teflon™ coatings product line. Fluoropolymers have a variety of families including PTFE, EFTE, FEP, and PFA nonstick coatings. Intech Services also provides inside sales and marketing to several complementary industrial coating companies in North America. Intech Services’ CoaterONE Ecommerce shop has coating supplies including spray guns, masking products, and gloves.