Where are the New Blog Posts?

Where are the New Blog Posts?

Sep 17th 2021

You may have noticed that our blog hasn't been updated recently. No, we didn't forget we had one. We have been creating content every month in the form of our new talk show: Deliver More by Intech Services.

When Covid-19 hit in March of 2020, we faced a challenge just about every B2B company faces: how do we stay in touch and maintain relationships with our customers when we can't see them face-to-face? How do we live one of our core values, "deliver more" in such unprecedented times?

The answer was to create virtual face-to-face interactions with a talk show. Deliver More covers technical coatings, business operations, sales, marketing, and more, and it is created specifically for those in the coating industry.

Episodes are hosted by Nick Vavala and feature Intech team members as well as special guests from the coating world to share their expertise, creativity, and even competitive side with subscribers. From games and gifts that educate viewers on Teflon™ coatings to markets and applications that speak to everyone from owner to applicator, Deliver More serves it up.

Video content is king, so you can always find fresh, helpful, and hopefully entertaining content on Deliver More. Please check it out, and if you find value in it, drop a five star review, a comment, or share it with someone you know needs to hear.

We may get back to written blogs some day, but for now, you can stay on top of all things Teflon™ and coatings by clicking right here.