The Benefits of Powder Coating – Performance, Mechanical & Production

The Benefits of Powder Coating – Performance, Mechanical & Production

Jan 31st 2019

Today's powder coatings offer more performance qualities than ever before. They are decorative, functional, and durable—all at the same time. Powder’s superior film properties simply can’t be found in many other finishes.

In this first blog of a two-part series, we’ll examine the Performance, Mechanical, and Production benefits of powder coatings. In the second blog to be posted next month, we’ll outline powder coating’s Economic, Safety, and Environmental benefits. Through its TruPak small package program, Intech Services offers over 300 of the most popular powder coatings in 1, 3, 5, and 10 pound boxes.

Performance – Twice As Thick

Powder coatings are twice as thick as standard liquid finishes. That’s right, twice as thick. This thickness provides better adhesion and stronger corrosion protection. At the optimal thickness, a powder coating provides the durability to withstand continuous day-in-day-out use under tough environmental conditions. If you’re looking for a finish that will stand up to the elements and improve adhesion and corrosion resistance, powder coating is your top choice.

Powder coating quality

Mechanical – Durable and Decorative

Powder coatings are increasingly resistant to chemicals, weathering, chipping, and scratching. The resistance stems from the thermal bonding process during curing that is unlike any other finishing process. The thermal bonding process delivers longer-lasting vibrancy of color, and the flexibility of powder coatings lets them bend and yield along with the material they are applied to. Flexibility is often ideal in the transportation industry where products often vibrate and twist out of necessity.

Production – Shorter Processing Times

Lower bake temperatures are expanding both the materials that can be coated and the options for coating properties. Processing times stay low because there is no flash off without a solvent, and powder coatings can be done curing within 20 minutes of leaving the oven.

Powder coating production

There are several other production benefits of powder coating. Generally, powder is readily available and usable from the start without the necessity of mixing the powder with solvents or other materials. With correct application, powders create an almost perfectly smooth coat while other finishes tend to run, drip, and chip in the process. The last production benefit is the reduction of energy requirements. There is no energy required to evaporate a solvent or evacuate it from the oven.

Here’s a flyer on the “6 Primary Benefits of Powder Coating.”