The Benefits of Powder Coating – Economic, Safety, & Environmental

The Benefits of Powder Coating – Economic, Safety, & Environmental

Apr 9th 2019

Today's powder coatings offer more performance qualities than ever before. They are highly functional and durable while also being affordable, safe for workers, and safe for the environment. Powder’s superior film properties simply can’t be found in many other finishes.

This post is the second in a two-part summary of The Benefits of Powder Coating. The first part (1/31/19) covered the Performance, Mechanical, and Production benefits of powder coatings. In this second part, we’ll look at and examine the Economic, Safety, and Environmental benefits of powder coatings. Through its TruPak small package program, Intech Services offers over 300 of the most popular powder coatings in 1, 3, 5, and 10 pound boxes.

Economic – Lower Overhead

95% of the powder is used when powder coating, and any loss and overspray of powder can be reused. A powder coating plant has less equipment overhead and labor overhead than other finishing systems, and safety requirements are lower because solvent-free means fire-safe.

Safety – Healthy Workplace

Powder coatings are also safer because these coatings no longer contain chemicals such as solvents and VOCs, which can be harmful to the health of workers. And cleaning powders off hands and arms no longer requires industrial hand cleaners—only warm water.

Environmental – Less Waste

Aside from reducing chemicals released into the environment, the powder coating process also reduces waste. There is little to no overspray and no powder escapes into the atmosphere. The minimal waste after coating is not hazardous and can be safely disposed of in landfills.

Much of the improved application efficiency of powders vs. liquids can be summed up by “transfer efficiency.” That is, the wrapping effect that powders have when electrostatically applied. In addition, powders are readily available and usable from the start without having to mix the powder with solvents or other materials.

For further information, here is a flyer on the “6 Primary Benefits of Powder Coating.”