Teflon™ Freeze Protection Season Begins October 29

Teflon™ Freeze Protection Season Begins October 29

Oct 18th 2018

Just a reminder that October 29, 2018, marks the beginning of our freeze protect season which runs through April 1, 2019. Intech Services Inc. takes great care, through additional packaging and by services offered by our common carriers, to protect our customers’ shipments from freezing. The product lines affected by this freeze policy are (by prefix): 699N, 850G, 851G, 852G, 855G, 856G, 857G, 858G, and 953G.

  • Freezable products are typically shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays for delivery during the same week.
  • Truck LTL shipments to locations such as OH, WV, MD, PA, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI, and NJ as well as Canada, may be made five days a week via A. Duie Pyle common carrier.

The freeze protect fee is $39.00 per box over-pack charge. For common carrier shipments by UPS LTL or A. Duie Pyle, a $39.00 per shipment for freeze protect services will be charged. Overnight service is available if receipt of the material is critical (except 850-7799 and 850G-204, which is freight only).

If it makes sense to your company, order your products now before the freeze protect charges take effect.

When you receive a freeze protect shipment, it is important that you follow the instructions attached to your bill of lading and the container. In all freeze protect shipments there will be a freeze indicator. Please remember when receiving freight shipments with freeze protected Teflon™ products to open the box and check the product first before signing the bill of lading. When the product is delivered, please check the indicator. If the indicator is broken or has turned blue/purple in color, it may indicate the product has frozen in shipment. Do not reject the shipment. Please sign the bill of lading with “Frozen Shipment, Will Accept to Determine Extent of Damage.” Then, take the product out of the box, let it sit overnight, reincorporate the coating the next day, and evaluate the coating. Within 4 days, please notify Intech of the results of your evaluation either way.

If you sign the bill of lading without checking, it limits our ability to work with freight companies. To read the entire freeze policy, please see the complete policy here.

Questions regarding this policy can be emailed to Steve Bucci at sbucci@intechservices.com. Intech Services Inc. must be notified of claims within 4 days of the receipt of the shipment. We will replace any freeze damaged product, except in instances where a customer waives the Freeze Protect Service or fails to notify Intech of the freeze damage within the required time frame.

Please share this information with anyone in your shipping, receiving, procurement, or any other divisions that need to be aware of this policy. If you need any additional clarification, please contact us at (302) 366-8530 x139. We appreciate your attention to this matter and, as always, thank you for your business.