Market Segments Focus – Aerospace and Automotive

Market Segments Focus – Aerospace and Automotive

Jan 10th 2019

The aerospace and automotive industries have highly specific needs and require exhaustive testing before a product can be finalized. Chemours and Intech are proud to supply these industries with superior Teflon™ coatings for countless integral parts.

The aerospace industry has seen the founding of the privatized space sector and the expansion of established companies into near-space flight. Products used in the aerospace industry have to stand up to rigorous testing and demanding operating conditions. As such, Teflon coatings used in the aerospace industry are highly specified, highly qualified, and resistant to a wide range of stresses. Commonly coated aerospace parts are fuel molds, toilets, gaskets, bearings, fasteners, clamps, and clips.

The automotive industry, with its vast network of suppliers, is an enormous one, because every car has about 30,000 parts. To succeed, Teflon coatings have to stand up to corrosion, salt spray, constant abrasion, and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) challenges, while providing dry lubrication and working seamlessly alongside fluids specific to the automotive industry. The most common auto parts that Teflon is applied to are brake shims, brake clips, tie rods, piston skirts, springs, and clamps.

Teflon coatings offer durability and toughness for both of these expansive industries. The most common coatings for aerospace are FEP and PTFE, and the most common ones for automotive are Teflon S One-Coats and ETFE. Discover more about Aerospace and Automotive common coatings and important Teflon properties under the Markets menu tab on