Quality Shop Series: Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics

Quality Shop Series: Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics

Nov 12th 2013

On a daily basis, Intech fields questions regarding Teflon™ industrial coating recommendations for use in chemical environments. Generally speaking, Teflon coatings perform very well in environments that require excellent chemical resistance; however, some of our coating families like Ethylene/Tetrafluoro Ethylene (ETFE) and Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) perform better than others. If you still have questions, there’s a great reference manual used at Intech that can assist specifiers with additional supporting information.

The Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics provides the most comprehensive, third party chemical resistance data that is available in the marketplace. There are thousands of chemicals, as simple as beer to something highly aggressive, like hydrofluoric acid that have been evaluated against a wide variety of fluoroplastics, fibers and thermoset resins. So regardless of the coating or lining that you are applying, there’s a good chance you’ll find some performance data to support your recommendation in the Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics.

The next time your customer asks for a coating with superior chemical resistance, identify the specific chemical, concentration, and operating temperature. Then for additional information refer to the Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics to answer your questions. In most instances, the data will be there, and you’ll feel better about your recommendation. If you can’t find the information you need in the guide, please contact Intech for further detail.

To see more information or to purchase the Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics, please visit Intech's website.

Article written by Chris Lord, Technical Sales at Intech Services.