How to Find the Ideal Teflon™ Coating System

How to Find the Ideal Teflon™ Coating System

Feb 25th 2020

There are over 50 varieties of Teflon™ industrial coatings, serving many uses in the current industrial marketplace. But deciding which one to choose for your particular application can be a challenge. Help us help you by preparing your answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the reason for coating?
  2. What is the substrate?
  3. What is the end-use service temperature?
  4. Will there be chemical exposure?
  5. Will the part come into contact with food?
  6. Are there any abrasion/durability concerns?
  7. What are the heat limitationsof the part?
  8. What are the part dimensions?
  9. What are the cost limitations?
  10. Can the part be removed?
  11. Have you tried another coating on the same part previously?

We’ve developed a downloadable worksheet to help you prepare for a call with our Technical Service Team.

Here’s a Handy Teflon™ Coating Chart:

Calculating Teflon™ Coating Costs:

Additional Considerations When Comparing Coatings:

  • Film Thickness
  • Improved transfer efficiency
  • Extreme part cleaning
  • Extreme masking
  • Extended oven time (energy)
  • Complex part geometry, size, or weight
  • Special packaging requirement
  • Special inventory
  • Likelihood of rejects/rework
  • Rush delivery/maintaining inadequate stock
  • Money collection
  • Overtime