How Do You Mix Teflon™ Paint Properly?

How Do You Mix Teflon™ Paint Properly?

Jun 17th 2019

Like any paint, the liquid components of Teflon™ paint tend to separate gradually over time. Intech Services and Chemours® recommend mixing all Teflon coatings before using and, when not being used regularly, mixing those containers every 30 days. The 30-day recommendation ensures that the Teflon coating will be usable for its entire shelf life, or even longer.

The Preferred Mixing Method

When we say “mix” we usually mean “roll,” but always consult the Teflon Fact Sheets in the “Handling and Storage” section. Some coatings may tolerate mixing blades, but most times blade mixers and shakers are too aggressive and can separate the fluoropolymer from the solids. Teflon coatings are sheer sensitive, so mixing and shaking can damage the coating and adversely affect the performance and quality of the cured coating.

Rolling both water- and solvent-based Teflon coatings ensures proper “reincorporation” of the solids in the coatings for consistently high-quality applications over the product’s shelf life. For thorough reincorporation of the solids, the container should be rolled before the first use each day for 30 minutes at 30 RPM. When coating intermittently throughout the day, 10 minutes at 30 RPM each time is sufficient.

Intech Services supplies Paint Rollers specifically designed for mixing Teflon paint. Constructed of solid steel bars and a reinforced fiberglass base, these rollers can operate at variable speeds and accommodate a variety of container sizes. You set the desired RPM and a timer and the paint roller will turn off automatically after the time has expired.

Paint Roller features include:

  • Fits 1-gallon cans or jugs and 5-gallon pails of Teflon coatings
  • Can roll two gallon cans at the same time
  • Variable speed selection
  • Set rolling time up to an hour
  • Automatically turns off when timer is done
  • Explosion-proof motor
  • 120 V, 60 Htz
  • Solid steel bars, cast in urethane and precision ground
  • High quality reinforced fiberglass base with wide footprint for stability
  • Cover is gloss white and easy to clean
  • Dimensions: 36” wide X 16” deep X 14” high; 5” between bars
  • Roller Bars are a total of 25” long (22” of rolling surface)

Sometimes when rolling, solids stay stuck to the bottom of the container. If you notice this problem, stop the roller and use a stainless steel blade to scrape the solids from the bottom of the container, then continue rolling again. To make sure the solids are fully reincorporated, test the viscosity.

How Long is Teflon’s Shelf Life?

All Teflon coating Fact Sheets contain the specific maintenance, handling, and storage information for the Teflon coating process for that specific product. Shelf life is the amount of time, starting from the date the coating was manufactured, that a coating can be stored and still be fit for use. Each Teflon industrial coating line has a different shelf life, but 12 to 18 months is typical.

Most Teflon paint should be stored at room temperature, but some have special storage instructions that will keep a coating ready to use during its full shelf life. For example, the acid primer 850G-204 needs to be refrigerated. When in doubt, always refer to the Fact Sheet for specific instructions about storage and rolling. Fact Sheets are always available online under the “Technical Literature” section of