Get High Corrosion Resistance For Tanks & Impellors With EFTE Teflon Coatings

Jul 14th 2022

If you operate in the chemical, petro-chemical, mining, or semi-conductor industries, these EFTE coatings have been developed and tested with you in mind.

Replacement of parts is not an ideal solution when there are supply chain issues. Intech Services states that EFTE coatings provide you with a cost-effective alternative now and well into the future.

As you’re probably aware, Teflon™ is a household name when it comes to non-stick coatings. However, its use as an industrial coating, both in liquid and powder forms, is lesser-known. The various product families all use fluoropolymer technologies, which possess unique protective properties.

More specifically, the expanded line of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) products is designed to provide high corrosion resistance across a wide temperature range. Intech Services states that these qualities make them ideal for chemical processing applications.

Indeed, EFTE coatings are already widely used in the chemical industry. Teflon™ products are regularly exposed to acids, polymers, petrochemicals, and inorganics and have demonstrated excellent corrosion resistance and durability to date. With the latest range, the company provides you with the ability to reach thicknesses of between 80 and 100 mils, resulting in a greater degree of protection.

Some examples of places where you could apply the coatings include tanks, vessels, flanges, piping, impellors, manifolds, and reactors. While metal components and other treatments can be expensive, Intech Services states that the updated range provides you with a cost-effective solution.

About Intech Services

As the sole distributor of Teflon™ products in the US and Canada, Intech Services has embraced its position of leadership to provide a range of education programs in support of customers and suppliers. Workshops inform you on available products, emerging markets, and sales strategies. In addition to Teflon™, the company also supplies TCI powder coating, Mighty Hook, Gemma Powder Equipment, and Steelman Ovens.

A company representative stated: 

“Intech’s long-term relationships are built on solid foundations of fast and courteous customer service. We look at our leadership role as a responsibility to help grow our coating customers’ capabilities and services and lift the industry as a whole in the process.”

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