Frequently Asked Questions about the New

Frequently Asked Questions about the New

Apr 30th 2018

Have you checked out our new and improved Intech website? If so, your online experience might be a little different this time around. Don’t worry. We always have you covered. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions since the site change.

How do I find Teflon™ SDS and TDS?

  1. Sign in to view all Teflon ™ technical literature.
  2. Click Shop.
  3. Click Technical Literature
  4. Click your area of interest (SDS, Fact Sheets Teflon™ Price List, etc.).
  5. Find the document that you would like to download. Click the name, and the document will appear in a new browser tab for you to download.

How do I create a Favorites List?

The Favorites Lists from the old website are gone, but you can recreate your Favorites by using the Wish List.

  1. Click Account.
  2. Click Wish Lists.
  3. Click New Wish List.
  4. Add a name for the list and click Create Wish List.

How do I add products to my Wish List?

  1. Click Shop.
  2. Select a product and hover over the picture. Click Quick View. You can also click on the product to view the product page.
  3. Click Add to Wish List.
  4. Your Wish List will appear.
  5. Repeat to add additional products.

My username and password won’t work. What should I do?

  1. The old website used a username to sign in. The new website uses an email to sign in. The email on the account is the email saved from the old website (whichever email previously received order confirmations).
  2. Passwords were successfully transferred from the old website to the new.
  3. Try logging in with your email and password from the old website.
  4. If this does not work, you can click “Forgot your password?” next to the Sign In button. You should receive an email shortly after with directions to reset your password.
  5. If these methods do not work, call the office (302-366-8530), and we will gladly help!

For more answers to commonly asked questions, visit our FAQ page here.