FAQ – What Does the ECTFE Shortage Mean to Me?

FAQ – What Does the ECTFE Shortage Mean to Me?

Nov 29th 2018

It means you have “In Stock” options at Intech Services! The Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) polymer is most frequently used to provide chemical resistance in heavy-duty applications. ECTFE is manufactured under the brand name Halar® by Solvay, an international company headquartered in Belgium.

The shortage of ECTFE has been caused by industrial sector demand in Asia, raw material scarcity, and production limits in certain parts of the world. Effective ECTFE replacements are Teflon™ ETFE coatings. ETFE coatings have excellent chemical resistance along with being exceptionally tough and abrasion-resistant, and are manufactured under the brand name Tefzel®.

ETFE has a maximum continuous service temperature of 300° F and melts at 520° F. This nonporous Teflon™ offering has high dielectric strength and good release properties. There are FDA-compliant offerings for food applications, but not for cooking. Acceptable Tefzel options to be considered as ECTFE replacements would be either 532-6410 or 532-63XX with a DFT range of 6 mil to 40 mil.

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