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The Intech Information Institute, or I³, was created to provide formal training and instruction on a wide variety of fluoropolymer coating related topics. The workshop style format is intended to provide an open exchange of ideas and information in an industry where it can be difficult to stay up to date on new developments. I³ is the only official fluoropolymer coating educational course, making it an indispensable resource in our shared industry.


Products, Market, & Sales Strategies for Teflon™ Coatings

The Intech Information Institute is excited to present the Teflon™ Fluoropolymer Coatings – Products, Markets, and Sales Strategy workshop. This 1.5 day intensive seminar is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive complete understanding of the critical areas that impact growth for coating companies around the world. Whether you are new to the coatings industry, or an experienced veteran, this workshop will give you a wealth of valuable information that you can use immediately in your job function.

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I³ Onsite Training

The I³ On-site Training program allows tailored I³ workshops to meet your training needs for your employees. Select from a variety of presentations from our I³ workshops and we can arrange that agenda to fit within your schedule. The most popular presentation selections are the Product Line Overview, Troubleshooting, and Quality Assurance. 

Shop Evaluation

During this on-site shop evaluation, Intech's trained staff will observe and identify quality improvements in coating techniques, shop efficiency, and effectiveness of the equipment used in your process. This program is designed to boost operational efficiency and overall product finish quality, while updating you on the latest advancements in coating application techniques and quality assurance.