I³ Webinar Schedule 2019

I3 Webinar Schedule 2019We created the Intech Information Institute, or I³, to provide formal education and timely instruction on a wide variety of fluoropolymer coating related topics.

The ongoing I³ Webinar Series increases overall understanding of the Teflon™ coating product lines, application best practices, coatings market dynamics, and industry growth drivers.

Participants will gain practical information and valuable insights in an easily accessible, 30-minute format. There is no cost to register, and we encourage everyone in your organization involved in the Teflon coating segment to join in!

2019 I³ Webinar Schedule

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Website New Features Review

April 2, 2019; 11 a.m.

My Teflon™ Coatings App Guide

June 4, 2019; 11 a.m.

Teflon™ Equipment:
What You Need to Succeed

Date TBA



Website New Features Review

FREE; April 2, 2019; 11 a.m.

Intech Services used feedback from its customers to upgrade our e-commerce website with new functionality. For instance, we’ve added drop-down product selectors that will save you time and clicks. This webinar will also review how Teflon coating products and supplies are organized on the site, how to order most efficiently, how to add most-used items to your Wish List, and how to create and manage multiple Wish Lists.


My Teflon™ Coatings App Guide

FREE; June 4, 2019; 11 a.m.

Intech Services and Chemours will be launching the My Teflon app for your smartphone! The app will have three main functions: Coating Calculator, Product Selector, and News Feed. This webinar will help you navigate the key features of each function and walk you through how to use the Calculator to quote jobs in the field as you enter in key factors such as square feet, thickness, and the specific coating you’ll be using.


Teflon™ Equipment – What You Need to Succeed


Are you thinking about upgrading your shop so you can coat with Teflon? In order to achieve the optimal coating every time, the right equipment is critical. For instance, every shop should have a roller for mixing and reincorporating Teflon solids, a grit blasting cabinet, adequate spray equipment, and a Class A industrial oven. We’ll walk you through these essential pieces of shop equipment as well as typical day-to-day supply needs.

Registration will be available soon!