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I³ Onsite Training


Program Overview

Bring the Intech Information Institute to your facility for a unique training experience for your entire organization.  We will work with you to develop an dynamic agenda to help your company improve the overall understanding and proficiency in the world of fluoropolymer coatings. Depending on your company’s individual training goals, we will provide a variety of presentations and speakers to effectively present the material to match the experience level of your organization.

Benefits of Custom Training

  • Program designed to address the specific needs of your company
  • Duration of training sessions is flexible to meet your needs
  • Include everyone in your organization – owners, management, sales, technical, sprayers
  • All ability levels will benefit – new employees to experienced veterans of the coating industry
  • Allows for open dialogue about things that directly impact your company
  • Eliminates travel cost for your company
  • Less time away from your facility

Program Options

There are many different program combinations possible to make this the most effective and valuable training course your company can imagine.  We customize every facet of the program to fit the needs of the company and the ability levels of the employees.  Here are some examples of workshop modules that can be put together in any fashion to create your company’s program:

Product, Market, & Sales Strategies

  • Teflon™ Coating Product Line Overview
  • Coating Selection Process & Criteria
  • Quality Control & Testing Procedures
  • Application Techniques for Liquid & Powder Coating
  • Troubleshooting - Coating Process & Coated Parts
  • Safety – Product Stewardship & Safety Practices for Coating Facilities
  • Markets for Teflon™ Coatings
  • Coating Sales Fundamentals - Techniques for the Coating Industry
  • Sales Opportunity Analysis in your Region
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Sales Process Development & Implementation
  • Marketing Overview for Industrial Coaters
  • Social Media Strategy & Planning
  • Video Marketing Strategy & Planning


The price of the I3 On-Site is based on the duration and location of the training. After understanding your needs, we will work with you to develop a program and cost estimate.

Contact us to schedule a call to discuss the program.