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Gema®, the world leader in powder delivery systems continues to evolve their line of powder gun products.  With Gema’s PowerBoost® technology your Optiflex Pro B manual gun can now deliver 110 kV voltage.  Gema’s PowerBoost® allows you to effectively transfer powder to your parts significantly faster than any other manual gun on the market.  As an official distributor of Gema® products in Delaware and Maryland, Intech Services can provide you guidance on your current powder gun requirements.  Whether you are looking for a new efficient manual gun, putting a robotic inline coating system in place, or just need replacement parts for existing Gema® powder delivery products Intech Services is available to help.  Call Intech Services at 302-366-8530. 



Gema’s® Optiflex Pro B provides job shops with the most efficient and powerful manual powder gun on the market. The Optiflex Pro B offers a variety of features to save you powder and reduce coating time for your job shop.

  • Optimized powder delivery from the powder box allows you to use every lb of powder when coating parts
  • More power performance with power boost’s 110kv charging capability
  • Easy color changes are achieved with Power Clean, a quick purge cycle operated directly from the gun
  • PCC technology and SuperCoronoa improve penetration and back ionization to improve the quality of your coating job
  • Patented DVC technology ensures precise powder output allowing you to put the exact amount of powder on your parts

Intech Services is available to provide an onsite demo in Delaware and Maryland. Feel the power of Gema’s PowerBoost® technology for yourself. Call Intech Services, 302-366-8530 to schedule a demo.