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Freeze Protect Policy

Many Teflon™ industrial coatings are water-based, and thus freezable. We take great measures to ensure that shipments are prepared and shipped in a manner to minimize the risk of damage to these products during transit. The information below describes Intech Services Freeze Protect Shipping Policy.

Freeze Protect Shipping is in effect from November 1 through April 1. We will extend freeze protection to regions with longer winter seasons.


1. The following list of Teflon™ Nonstick Industrial Coatings must be protected from freezing: 

  • 699N/G-line
  • 850G-line
  • 851G-line
  • 852G-line               
  • 855G-line
  • 856G-line
  • 857G-line
  • 858G-line
  • 953G-line
2. Freezable products are typically shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays for delivery during the same week. Shipments to certain locations in OH, WV, MD, PA, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI, and NJ as well as Canada may be made five days a week via A.Duie Pyle common carrier.
3. UPS & FEDEX Ground shipments: Freezable products are packed in an insulated box. There is a $39.00 per box over pack charge. These boxes are designed to accommodate two or four gallons of freezable products. We encourage you to order freezable products in these increments to maximize box capacity.
4. UPS & FEDEX Air Shipments: These shipments typically do not freeze since they are delivered quickly. However, depending on your specific location and weather patterns, we may elect to pack freezable products in an insulated box. If so, there is a $29.00 per box over pack charge. These boxes are designed to accommodate two or four gallons of freezable products.
5. Common Carrier Shipments: During cold weather conditions, orders shipped by common carriers such as UPS LTL or A. Duie Pyle will be charged $35.00 per shipment for freeze protect services. This ensures that the freight will be closely monitored by the carriers and stored inside when not in transit during nights and weekends. During severe weather conditions, Intech reserves the right to over pack the freezable products with insulated boxes and charge $35.00 per box.
6. When receiving products during freeze season from common carriers, be sure to follow the instructions attached to the bill of lading. These shipments will contain a freeze indicator that must be checked prior to signing the bill of lading.
7. Customers may elect to waive the freeze protection and associated charges by providing a faxed notice to Intech prior to each shipment. In such cases, customers will assume all responsibility for any product damaged by freezing. Please note that this carries significant risk as frozen products may be permanently damaged.
8. When severe weather conditions dictate, Intech reserves the right to delay shipment and/or select the most suitable mode of transportation to properly ship material to its destination. We will contact your office if we anticipate any potential delays or changes in mode of transportation. 
9. It is important to note that frozen material may still be usable. Follow these steps if you receive a frozen shipment:
  • Call Intech within four (4) days to report the frozen shipment
  • Thaw the frozen material at room temperature
  • Roll the material for 30 minutes at 30 RPM
  • If the solids reincorporate, the material is fine
  • If the solids remain as a thick lump in the bottom of the jug, the material has been permanently damaged. Contact Intech for replacement material. 

10. Please notify Intech within four (4) days of any frozen material.  Intech will evaluate the damage to the product.  If the product is permanently damaged, Intech will replace the freeze damaged products, except where a customer waives the freeze protection or fails to notify Intech within the four (4) days. 

Our primary goal is to continue to provide timely delivery of these products. We appreciate your understanding and assistance during the winter months. We recommend that you pay attention to your local weather conditions when forecasting your winter orders and consider consolidating shipments of freezable products.