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deliver moreDeliver More is Intech Services' talk show that is available on YouTube and as a podcast on Apple and Spotify. The show features a new topic every month about the coatings world.

From technical knowledge about industries, technology, application, selection, troubleshooting, and qualities of specific coatings to strategies and philosophies on selling, marketing, customer service, and business operations, to fun games and challenges that put our people on the spot, we dive deep and get behind the scenes at Intech Services. From owner to applicator and every role in between, Deliver More is a show that provides key takeaways and lots of laughs and personality along the way.

Deliver More was initially launched to help us stay connected to our customers when Covid-19 hit in March of 2020 and all of our regular travel for face-to-face interaction was grounded. We wanted to keep in touch and make sure our customers knew we were available for them remotely. Now, our mission is simply to help all coating companies "deliver more" to their customers and end users by providing them with essential information to grow themselves and their businesses into essential solution providers.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here to watch and listen to Deliver More or, if you prefer to listen as a podcast, you can find us on Apple and Spotify.

podcast promoEpisode Guide:
Episode 1 - Remote Control: staying in touch in a remote working world
Episode 2 - Fear's Role in Business
Episode 3 - Meet the "Freshman" Sales Team
Episode 4 - The Gifts of Teflon™ in 2020
Episode 5 - Setting up your business for a New Year
Episode 6 - Sales Uncensored with Tony Abato
Episode 7 - March Madness Coatings Bracket Challenge
Episode 8 - Marketing for Coaters Part 1
Episode 9 - Marketing for Coaters Part 2
Episode 10 - Market Development for Coaters
Episode 11 - Coefficient of Friction vs. Release
Episode 12 - Customer Service with Monica Trout