Conventional COMPACT Gravity Feed Spray Gun - COM-G430-14-05

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Gravity feed guns offer quick color changes and convenience on small jobs or touch-up applications. Gravity guns are able to use all of the coating - reducing waste. Devilbiss® Compact gravity guns are designed for superior finish performance, built for ergonomic comfort, outperforms the competition, tested and approved worldwide.


Technical Specifications:

Name: Compact Gravity

Gun Category: Conventional

Gun Type: Manual

Fluid Passages: Aluminum

Fluid Inlet: 3/8" Universal Thread

Air Inlet: 1/4" Universal Thread

Weight: 14.1 oz. (400g) gun only

Construction: Drop Forged Aluminum

Feed Type: Gravity

Color: Silver


Includes: Devilbiss Conventional COMPACT Gravity Feed spray gun with 20 oz. cup

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