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Col-Met Spray Booths


With a history of excellence, Col-Met is a market leader in paint booths, powder booths, and other finishing system components for use in the industrial, automotive, and additional markets. Col-Met’s stellar reputation comes from a combination of impeccable customer service and product innovations.

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Liquid Spray Booths

From Open Front Bench Paint Booths to Open Front Paint Booths and other compatible parts, Col-Met Liquid Spray Booths are designed for both batch and conveyorized production systems. The Open Front Bench Booth offers a safe and clean environment for any type of finishing operation. All of our Booths are engineered for versatility, high efficiency, and added convenience. Specially engineered enclosures may be designed to meet your requirements.

Powder Spray Booths

A cost-effective solution, Col-Met's batch powder booths have an open front design and are perfect for small powder applications. This booth makes efficient use of shop space and is ideal for large or small parts. With an open face design and a 3-stage filtration system, air is drawn in through the open front of the spray booth and passes through the booth's working area into the filtered exhaust plenum.


Our 45° and 90° elbow ductwork comes in 12 inches to 48 inches in diameter. Additionally, our automatic roof ventilators, plain ducts, and plain duct cleanout doors also come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Control Panels & Motor Starters

Col-Met control options for your spray booth include motor starters, multi-fan control panels, and VFD control panels. Each of the standard controls is delivered pre-wired with a single power connection point to make installation fast and easy. Intuitive control displays allow for easy navigation and simplicity while working.

Spray Booth Extension Kits

Spray space requirements can vary based on equipment being coated. Instead of paying to make permanent changes for a temporary job, consider a flexible alternative with our spray booth extension kits. Make sure your space stays versatile and productivity is maximized.