Announcing Fischer Technology's Poroscope®, the Latest Technology in Holiday Testing


Intech Services is proud to announce that Fischer Technology has released cutting edge technology in holiday testing. The new Poroscope® was developed with extreme safety and portability in mind.

Intech Services is proud to announce that Fischer Technology has recently released a new product that ensures the highest quality of chemically resistant coatings. Fischer Technology is recognized as a leader in the field of coating thickness measurement and material testing instruments. Their new POROSCOPE® porosity tester, also known as a holiday detector, uses a non-destructive method to discover pinholes that are not visible to the eye. It’s important that these coatings are free of pores and cracks to make sure corrosive materials do not harm the metal substrate.

The POROSCOPE® can measure porosity on non-conductive coatings using low-energy, high-voltage charge to seek out and count pores and cracks. Detectors using conventional static methods are generally not suited for use on electrically conductive coatings. However, the POROSCOPE® is equipped with a dynamic threshold, thus coatings with an electrostatic charge can be pinhole tested by simply switching the unit settings. When the probe is swept across the coated surface, if a pore or crack is detected, the voltage drops and the POROSCOPE® will signal an alert sound and record the pore count on the probe head. The new POROSCOPE® also offers different electrodes and extensions, making pinhole testing quick and easy for a variety of surfaces, sizes and hard to reach areas.

A great feature of this new product is when testing coatings, the POROSCOPE® can be manually set according to the disruptive strength and coating thickness or already established test standards can be selected directly on the unit and the POROSCOPE® will automatically set the correct voltage. Fischer Technology’s POROSCOPE® tester is in accordance with and supported by the following test standards: AS 3894.1, ASTM D4787, ASTM D5162, ASTM G62, EN 14430, NACE SP0188.

This POROSCOPE® was developed with extreme safety and portability in mind. Its lighter weight and compact size makes it portable, allowing for easier and faster testing. Safety is a big concern when working with high voltage. This product meets all the safety requirements for working with high voltage and has incorporated important features to keep the operator safe. Fischer Technology’s POROSCOPE® only generates high voltage in the probe head, therefore a high voltage cable is not necessary and the potential for electrical shock is reduced. Other safety features include an insulated handle and a push button for switching on the high voltage, therefore voltage is only generated when this button is depressed. This POROSCOPE® has an automatic shut off feature should the instrument become overloaded and the voltage is only active when the instrument is grounded correctly. The above safety features are important to protect the operator from an electrostatic charge.

Cracks and pores in a protective coating can cause many problems, especially when the coating comes in contact with corrosive materials. Using a POROSCOPE® will help increase your ability to provide a chemical resistance coating that meets your customer requirements and reduces the chance of harmful materials affecting the substrate under the coating. With the POROSCOPE® you will find every crack quickly and safely.

Features that put Fischer’s new POROSCOPE® ahead of the competition:

  • Three instrument versions with different test voltage ranges:
    • HV5: 0.8 – 5 kV
    • HV20: 4 – 20 kV
    • HV40: 8 – 40 kV
  • Maximum safety through high voltage generation only in the test head, eliminating a high voltage cable
  • Push button switch turns on voltage
  • Automatic shut off should the instrument become overloaded
  • Insulated handle
  • Intuitive operation with menu navigation, rotary button and illuminated display in the operator’s field of vision
  • Sturdy and comprehensive electrode selection for every application (Brush, Flat, Sweeper, Ring, Roller, etc.)
  • Continuously adjustable test voltage, electronic test voltage monitoring, display of the test voltage present at the electrode
  • Optical and acoustical pore indication on the test head
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Also suitable for testing electrostatically charged coatings
  • Battery operation with Li-ion rechargeable battery and smart battery technology: a controller permanently monitors the stated charge of the battery and prevents deep discharge

Intech Services, the sole distributor for DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings to the United States and Canada, now sells Fischer Technology, Inc.’s new POROSCOPE®. For more information or to purchase a POROSCOPE®, contact Mary Hartsoe (302) 366-8530 at Intech Services, Inc.