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Fluorogistx is the sole distributor of Teflon™ coatings in the United States and Canada. We have leveraged this leadership position in the coatings industry to provide resources that support both customers and suppliers alike. Our I³ Workshops educate our customers on Teflon coating products, new markets, and effective sales strategies. Our Intech Marketplace portal offers a wide range of products and equipment from top suppliers that support the day-to-day operations of industrial coaters. Fluorogistx’s long-term relationships are built on solid foundations of fast and courteous customer service. For instance, we have a maximum “Two Ring” phone pickup policy on all incoming calls, and our technical and sales staff are always available to answer any question about a product. On the outgoing side, Fluorogistx has a track record of 98% on-time shipping for in-stock supply of Teflon coatings. We look at our leadership role as a responsibility to help grow our coating customers’ capabilities and services—and lift the industry as a whole in the process. Contact us to find out more about how Fluorogistx can be a resource for you to improve your business and accelerate profits.



Fluorogistx is the sole distributor of Teflon™ coatings in the United States and Canada. Our sales team is your Teflon resource to educate you on the best selections, application processes, features, and benefits of Teflon. We bring Teflon applications to existing and new markets. Our sales team is constantly finding new uses for an exceptional product and is eager to help you find out how Teflon can improve your industry. With a focus on convenience, our site offers e-commerce so if you know what you want, you can order online.


Fluorogistx goes beyond the transaction. When you purchase with us, you also get access to our world-class support. Our customer service team is the most responsive and personal in the business. Friendly, knowledgeable people that can offer technical support, troubleshoot application issues, provide failure analysis, as well as product, market, and sales training or site audits as needed. We are here to help you coat more, better.


With 97% on time shipping, Fluorogistx provides the industry’s fastest and most reliable product delivery. Our next day shipping on stock products (which is over 100 products) allows you to place your order and trust that it will be there when you need it. Because we ship all over the country and to Canada, we make sure your coatings are taken care of in the cold with our custom freeze protected shipping. Your premium products come with premium delivery services.

Core Values

Meeting sales quotas isn't the only thing we use to measure our success at Fluorogistx. We also have a trilogy of core values, three ideas we use to measure true success. This is what you can expect when working with Fluorogistx.


Genuine Connection: The heart of good business.

We at Fluorogistx form authentic connections with customers and vendors as the cornerstone of what we do. Beyond helping you sell, we are your problem solvers, mediators, and advocates rolled into one. We strongly believe open, honest communication builds long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We listen before we speak; we analyze before we strategize.


Unique Focus: Solution-based thinking to provide critical assistance.

Fluorogistx specializes in the art and science of process analysis, reconstruction, implementation, and management. Fluorogistx's origins come from pinpointing and filling a gap in the market. We don’t just identify your company’s weaknesses and strengths; we work in the trenches to minimize the former and maximize the latter.


Deliver More: Providing more than people expect.

So often, companies are satisfied with a job well done. At Fluorogistx, we go one step further. We figure out what you need and then ask how else we can help. Our teams dig deep to evaluate ways our partners can reduce their cost of sale, maximize their profits, and develop new avenues of tapping into business potential. We not only meet, we exceed goals; we not only satisfy, we impress.