Alarms, Timers, & Tower Lights


Audible alarms are a great choice for large facilities with personnel responsible for multiple process areas and industrial processes where timely removal of product is imperative to proper cure.

Audio End-of-Cycle Timer Alarm with silencing relay (buzzer type) $357 1alarms.png
Audio Excessive Temperature Alert Alarm with silencing relay (buzzer type) $357



Timers allow you to preset process times and turn on end-of-cycle tower lights and/or audible alarms. Upgraded controllers could alleviate the need for timers. The Precision Quincy sales team will be able to provide additional information on system integration and process needs.

Digital Timer 1 - Manual timer to turn off heat source after time has elapsed $394 1digital-eagle-timer.png
Digital Timer 2 - Auto start begins process time when temperature set point is reached $500
Digital Timer 3 - Automatically turns off fans after set point cool down of oven has taken place $394


Tower Lights

Visual indicators for steps within a process, the end of the cycle, or alert and alarm status. Tower lights are great for large shops and critical processes.

End of Timer Cycle

  • Visual indicator for end of cycle
  • Can be used with any controller
  • Visual alarm with reset relay (red/non-flashing tower light)
$442 1tower-light-1.png

Excessive Temperature Alert

Visual indicator for excessive temperature alert that can be used with any controller. Alarm comes with reset relay and is available with one or three lights:

One light - red non-flashing tower light $442 1tower-light-2.png
Three lights - red, green, yellow non-flashing tower light $972



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