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  Product Overview
Market Place: Masking Products
Find the masking products you need in the CoaterONE marketplace. There is a large selection of high heat tape, masking discs, masking caps and plugs, and tape cutting plotters. If you need help with choosing the right masking products, call 302-366-8530 today. 
Masking Tape
High heat tapes, including kapton tape, glass tape, polyester tape, and more.
Masking Discs
High heat masking tape discs, including kapton discs, aluminum foil discs, polyester discs, and more.
Masking Caps
Vinyl and silicone masking caps, thread protector caps, and mousetails.
Masking Plugs
Masking plugs, including silicone plugs, tapered plugs, and many other finishing plugs.
Silicone cords to mask holes and grooves
Plug and Cap Kits
A variety of sizes for small run jobs or determining the right size caps and plugs for your application.
Cutting plotter and replacement blades for cutting your own custom masking.
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