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  Blasting Equipment and Replacement Parts



Blasting Gloves
Thanks to our close working relationship with leading equipment suppliers such as Empire, Schmidt, and Trinco, Intech can offer a broad range of options for your surface preparation needs. We can also provide replacement parts such as hoses, couplings and more.

At Intech, you’ll find a team of in-house specialists and equipment experts who can provide a quick response to any question you may have on blast operations. Our partners are available to visit your facility for performance checks on existing equipment, provide training programs to optimize your process, and carry out performance enhancement evaluations.


Surface Preparation Equipment and Products:
Airblast Parts
Dust Collectors, Parts, Filters
Hand Blast Cabinets
Baking Soda Cabinets
Blast Rooms
Robotic and Automation
Vacuum and Mechanical Reclaim Systems
Wet Blast Cabinets
Mass Finishing Equipment and Parts
Vibratory Bowls
Vibratory Tubs
Bulk and Portable Sandblast Pots


Empire Abrasive Equipment
 Trinco   Schmidt

Not sure of the right equipment solution for your particular application? Please contact   your CoaterONE personal shopper or another one of our CoaterONE sales team.  We would love to discuss your specific needs and find a solution that fits best. 
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