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  Precision Quincy Oven Selection 

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Precision Quincy Ovens can create an industrial oven to fit any need you may have, from large conveyor ovens, to small tabletop ovens, and everything in between.  We have specialized ovens for a variety of industries such as aerospace, energy, finishing, heat treating, and composites, and for many application processes including stress relieving, drying, pre-heating, powder coating, and Teflon™ coating.

All Precision Quincy Ovens are of welded steel construction and quality components are used throughout. Each oven is wired and tested at maximum temperature prior to shipping. Ovens meet or exceed NFPA-86, NFPA-70, OSHA & UL requirements. 

Ovens are available as Class “A” or Class “B”, any voltage, and with gas or electric heat. Class A and B ovens are built to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requirements. Class A ovens have exhaust systems used to remove volatile material vapors.  The controls have safety air purge circuits, etc. Where volatile, toxic, or undesirable fumes are present, exhaust fans are required. Class B ovens can only be used for coatings that do not emit volatiles. 


If you are interested in more information about Precision Quincy Ovens, please complete our Oven Inquiry Form.  It will take you less than one minute to complete.  We can help you understand the various oven types and details that are the best fit for your particular needs.



Truck Ovens  

Precision Quincy truck oven


Precision Quincy’s most popular oven. The 800° F version is ideal for Teflon™ coating batch process. Truck Oven Series will soon be offered in 4ft. and 6ft. high models. Additional options include double doors at both ends, programmers, and recorders.
Temperature                 500° F / 800° F
Standard Height            5’         
Standard Width             3’- 6’
Standard Depth             3’- 6’

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HT High Temp Walk-In Oven   

Precision Quincy high temperature walk in ovenThe High Temperature line is a multi-use oven made for processes using temperatures up to 1250°F. High Temperature Ovens are built by Precision Quincy’s proprietary “Can” Construction, meaning the oven’s interior walls are made from seamless steel plate. The seamless interior is superior to normal tongue and groove construction which could buckle at higher heat.  Buckling allows heat to escape the oven resulting in higher energy costs, less efficiency, and inconsistent product quality. 
Temperature                 1000° F / 1250° F
Standard Height            6’         
Standard Width             4’- 6’
Standard Depth             4’- 10’

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HD Heavy Duty Walk-In Oven
Precision Quincy heavy duty walk in oven

The Heavy Duty line contains upgrades for heavy duty applications. 
Temperature                 450° F, 650° F, 750° F, 850° F
Standard Height            6’
Standard Width             4’ – 8’
Standard Depth             4’ – 20’

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EC Low Temperature Walk-In Oven
Precision Quincy low temperature walk in ovenThe EC Series is a work horse for traditional powder coating combines high performance and affordability.

Temperature                 450° F 
Standard Height            6’ – 8’  
Standard Width             4’ – 8’
Standard Depth             4’ – 16’

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Precision Quincy lab ovens
Precision Quincy's Laboratory Ovens are available with either a 
single or dual chamber, and are supplied with adjustable shelves.  
Temperature                 650° F 
Standard Height            18" – 25”          
Standard Width             18" – 25"
Standard Depth             18" – 19"

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Bench OvensPrecision Quincy bench ovens

Bench Ovens are supplied with adjustable shelves.  These ovens are made specifically for table top applications, or you can order the optional stand.
Temperature                 800° F / 1000° F
Standard Height            15”       
Standard Width             22”
Standard Depth             18”

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