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  Hooks & Racks

Every finishing job requires engineering and design expertise. It also requires a thorough understanding of the part to be finished and the finishing line.

Therefore, all parts are reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Greater density for more profitability
  • Better part control
  • Maintain electrostatic ground
  • Wash penetration and drainage
  • Positioning parts for the "Class A" surface
  • Minimal to zero blemish
  • Ease of load and unload
  • Cleaning methods and rack materials
  • Time and labor savings
Mighty Hook

Intech is proud to bring you high quality products from Mighty Hook to meet your racking and hanging needs.  Our selection of products has been specifically selected to simplify your ordering process.  We can also provide you with customized solutions when appropriate.


If you don't see the product or equipment that you are looking for, please contact your personal CoaterONE shopper, or any one on our CoaterONE Sales team (302-366-8530). We would love the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and address them with the best solution available in the industry. 

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